The Central European University celebrates
World Wetlands Day 2004


When: 2nd of Feb. 2004 from 13,00h and from 17,30
Where:Auditorium at CEU

Do you know what wetlands are?
Do you know how important they are for the people?
Do you know what the threats are for the wetlands?
Do you know what role a politician, economist, lawyer
or environmentalist can play in wetlands conservation?
Get the Answers here - Background Paper
See the pictures from the event here
Poster (0.6Mb doc)
Leaflet (1.2Mb doc)
Presentation (4Mb ppt)

The project would not have been possible without the help of:
The Ramsar Bureau
Academic Writing Center at CEU
The Student Activity Committee at CEU
The Environmental Sciences and Policy Department at CEU
  The students from Environmental Sciences and policy department at CEU

  Contact person: Iordan Hristov -