Nikolaev is located in the southern part of Ukraine, about 600 km (375 miles) south-east of Kiev, 150 km (90 miles) from Odessa and 80 km (50 miles) from the Black Sea on the estuary of Southern Bug and Ingul rivers. It is one of the ten largest cities in Ukraine. Its population is 518,400, including people of different nationalities, mostly Ukrainians and Russians, but also Jewish, Bulgarians, Koreans, Germans, Polish.
The city was founded in 1789 by the Order Of Count Potyomkin of Tavria as a shipbuilding center to become the major shipbuilding base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Since then, the craft and the skill of shipbuilders and engineers have grown constantly from generation to generation.
Nikolaev is also a part of a unique nature and complex climate made up by the South Ukraine steppe and the warm Black Sea. The archaeological site of Olbia and the Natural Reserve of Gola Prystan, with their history and beautiful natural surroundings, are two of the most attractive tourist and recreation centers on the Black Sea Cost.

There is the swimming-pool complex "Vodolei" in Nikolaev with all services. A bar and all necessary for the rest. It is the largest in Europe.

There are also theaters, concert halls, a night club with a disco and the Dixie Barbecue Restaurant owned by an American.