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Hello! My name is Veronica Banaru-Bohanţov and I come from Moldova. I was born in Chisinau, which is our beautiful capital. I am an ethnic Romanian, as are 65% of Moldova's population. In year 2001 I graduated from Moldova State University, with a B.A. in French language and literature and English language. For two years I was an Assistant lecturer of French literature and History of World Literature at the same university. In 2003 I decided to interrupt my teaching career and continue my education through the completion of postgraduate degrees in the fields of my interest. In the academic year 2003-2004 I am studying at CEU, working towards the degree of Master of Arts in Central European History. Why history? I will explain this later somewhere on this web page.

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Check out a good site on Moldova's history created by Dr. Vasile Nedelciuc.

Get a comprehensive overview of Moldova from the webpage featured on mapzones.com
(although it is not entirely updated, nevertheless sections such as Moldova Introduction, Moldova General Data, Moldova Culture, Moldova History, Moldova Economy, Moldova Currency, Moldova Education, Moldova Government, and Moldova People are quite accurate).

Check out four maps of Moldova: a detailed map of Moldova and its neighbours,

                                                  a physical map of Moldova,
                                                              a map of the main road network and railroad network of Moldova,
                                                              a panoramic map of Moldova.

By the way, did you know that Moldova produces the best natural juices in the world (I'm not joking)?
Among my favourites are:
But Moldova also produces excellent wines, confectionary products, and a lot of other delicious stuff.
Here are some links on Moldova's most renowed companies:

The biggest wine cellar in the world (an underground wine city): Cricova
World-famous Bucuria ("Joy") confectionary enterprise
Aroma company, producing cognac, brandy

Unfortunately, Moldova has been also experiencing
some problems for quite a number of years. Here are some of the best media outlets reflecting my country's socio-political and economic situation:

ournet.md directory
Electronic jounal azi.md
Timpul ("Times") newspaper
Jurnal de Chisinau ("Chisinau Journal") newspaper

The best cultural journals from Moldova are:
Sud-Est cultural

That's it for now... Do visit the site later and check for updates!

 E-mail me at H03BAV01@student.ceu.hu
or at my personal e-mail address verbohantov@yahoo.com verbohantov@yahoo.com

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