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Stanka Kuzmová


I am a PhD student at the CEU in Budapest, Hungary, Medieval studies department. You will find my CV and my works attached soon.

You are welcome to share my interests with me:

 visit my home town  - Trenčín, Slovakia          


 visit my alma mater in Slovakia, Comenius University

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 search in Slovakia: www.centrum.sk

 want to travel by train? www.zsr.sk

 Slovak radio online: Twist
     Slovak TV online: STV , Markiza    
     various radios: www.abradio.cz                      


 history, the Middle Ages, sanctity - recommended weblinks:
Christian Hagiography - the Bollandistes
On-line Reference Book for Medieval Studies
Internet Medieval Sourcebook
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
The Labyrinth - Resources for Medieval Studies

International Medieval Sermon Studies Society
Hagiography Society

Project Gutenberg


 sport, volleyball

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