Mirela  Dubali, Central European University, MA  International Relations and European Studies. 2004

Hello, my name is Mirela Dubali and I am writng from Central European  University, CEU

Department of International Relations and European Studies

I graduate this year after a very demanding period of study here at this university. I enjoyed alll kind of courses though I have to admit that  it was very difficult for me. Now I am very concerned with the thesis writing.And I find it scary as it seems I can not step out from mytheory, that is , if I insist in an argument I can not accpet other views apart from that one of mine.

Here is my CV
THis the change
I was born in Albania, in the smallest town of the country, called PEQIN. My hometown in right in the center of Albania, it is dominantly muslim popualtion (99%).The community is based on very rigid moral values and respect for family and 

I come from Albania.