Welcome to
my first web page!!!

Central European University

Department of Gender Studies
e-mail: g03dam01@student.ceu.hu
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Hi, my name is Mihaela. I am from Moldova. This is a small country in South-Eastern Europe. There are many things that I could tell you about my life. However, I will limit my story to some basic facts:-).

I have a background in Phylology. My major is English and my minor is French.
The studies that I pursue at Gender Department at the Central European University are both challenging and captivating. My main areas of interest are employment/unemployement and gender division of labor, trafficking in women, women's surviving stratiegies in the labor market in the countries of transition, and the informal labor market.

This is my first web page. I have worked on it between school, reading, and assignments. I suppose this is really obvious. However, I promise to update it once I am done with the studies at CEU!