Women’s World March: Seminar against male domestic and public violence

Dear friends of organizations and networks for the rights of women,

During the 4th European Social Forum that will be held in Athens from the 4th to the 7th of May, the Women’s World March will organize a seminar against male domestic and public violence.

We still experience the invisible distress of millions of women in Europe. No one ignores that violence against women has taken incredible dimensions and that it constitutes the first cause of death of European women from 16 to 44 years old. It is urgent, if we want this situation to be changed, to get out of our silence. We have to mobilize ourselves because nobody else will do it for us. The goal of the seminar is to examine how to organize a big mobilization on a European scale.

The goal of the seminar:

A) To prepare a mass mobilization against violence towards women on a European scale, that could begin on the 25th of next November, on the occasion of the International Day of Action Against Violence due to gender. To examine whether a European mobilization could start before the European elections. With starting line our resistance In order to create the bases of a European unitary movement of women and feminists with a simple and clear objective, on the 25th of November, we should begin from the real situation of the movement for the rights of women in Europe:

The interventions (5 minutes each) could prepare their written answers before May. We could make a folder from them, if such a thing is possible.

B) Having that as a basis, the goals could be fixed: Which demands, what kind of climax and which slogan for this campaign?

In the Forum against violence during the European mobilization in Marseille, World March of Women proposed to take as a reference the new Spanish law which is, probably today, the best one in Europe, and to begin with the demand for the extension of this law in all European countries. Could the peak of our campaign be to ask for such a harmonization upwards of all national legislations concerning that fight against violence against women?

But is this demand sufficient and can it unify and mobilize people in all European countries? Or should we add the lack of political will of our governments and their neoliberal policies to combat this problem?

C) To whom does the campaign appeal?

To women, to the European constitutions, to the public opinion, to men, to everybody?

D) How do we build the campaign?

How do we develop relations with the activists of movements that struggle in a European level against violence, so that we can prepare actively this mobilization (discuss the common European material, the slogans, the poster, the texts, the press conference, etc.) as well as the details of this mobilization, in central and national level? (It is <>not easy without money and secretariat).

In order to help the creation and to participate to this seminar, you can be in touch with Sonia Mitralia at the following e-mail: soniamitralia@gmail.com

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