Hi! I'll try to guess what you would like to know about me...

     Who I am?  It depends... At daytime I am a student of CEU Legal Studies Department But in the evening my status can be changed :)).    

What I like?
 I like changes. I changed four schools and two universities since I am bored being  at the same place. Would like to live in different countries for two-five years and  then move on.   New people and new emotions - it is exactly  what attracts me...I like walking, just walking and looking around. And I like being able to answer the questions that I am asked about..


Hobbies? I love extreme sports and I have a collection of nice big and small crocodiles figurines. Since my room is absolutely stuffed  with skies, helmets and four dozens of crocodiles, I had to escape to Budapest
What I don't like?   To come back. I don't like to come back... And I don't like greedy people and those who always complain... And I don't like when  the weather is hot.
And I don't like to study. Wow, there are plenty of things that I don't like...


well, I am not that  old. Sometimes I feel myself sixteen, but  sometimes around  sixty  five