My study 

at Central European University, Environmental Sciences and Policy Department 2003/2004





Biodiversity and conservation:

Protected areas in the Balkans;

Conservation strategy for the Tengmalm's owl (Aegolius funereus) in Bulgaria.


Air pollution:

Analyses of the winter and summer time pollution in Budapest in 2002. -

         group report (doc)

         presentation (ppt)

Urban Sustainability:

 Transport and its Environmental Implications in Sofia (1,5Mb.doc)


Water management:

 Restoration plan for Lough Neagh  wetlands (109 kb.doc)


Environmental Impact Assessment
Evaluation of the quality of EIA draft of The Sakhalin II Energy Project.

Waiting for more :)


Teaching materials:



 World Wetlands Day 2004 - "From the Mountains to the Sea" - Wetlands at Work for Us.


Iordan Hristov

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