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A Manisfesto for Economics Research

2016 Richard Blundell, Estelle Cantillon, Barbara Chizzolini, Marc Ivaldi, Wolfgang Leininger, Laszlo Matyas, Ramon Marimon, and Frode Steen A Manifesto for Economics Research EU-FP7 Program Coeure

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Current Research Projects

Year Authors Title Link
2018 BALAZSI L., CHAN F., and MATYAS L. Event Count Estimation Work in Progress - Not Yet Available
2018 FARKAS, P., LIELI R., and MATYAS, L. Testing for Unit Roots in Panel Data with Boundary Crossing Counts Work in Progress - Not Yet Available
2018 CHAN, F,. KERTESZ, B., REGULY, A., and MATYAS, L. Modeling with Menu Choice Covariates Work in Progress - Not Yet Available

Earlier Books


Book Performance Report

Year Writers Title Published
2008-2017 MATYAS L. and SEVESTRE P. The Econometrics of Panel Data Springer

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