Sergey Lychagin

Assistant Professor

Central European University
Nador 11, 407
Budapest, Hungary

Phone: +36-1-328-3504
Email: lychagin at gmail dot com

Working papers

Retaking in High Stakes Exams: Is Less More? (Online Appendix)

Veronica Frisancho, Kala Krishna, Sergey Lychagin

(forthcoming in the International Economic Review)

Placement, both in university and in the civil service, according to performance in competitive exams is the norm in much of the world. Repeat taking of such exams is common despite the private and social costs it imposes. We develop and estimate a structural model of exam retaking using data from Turkey's university placement exam. We find that limiting retaking, though individually harmful given the equilibrium, actually increases expected welfare across the board. This result comes from a general equilibrium effect: retakers crowd the market and impose negative spillovers on others by raising acceptance cutoffs.


Spillovers, Absorptive Capacity and Agglomeration

Sergey Lychagin, 2016, Journal of Urban Economics, vol. 96.

Spillovers in Space: Does Geography Matter? (The VoxEU article)

Sergey Lychagin, Joris Pinkse, Margaret Slade, and John Van Reenen, 2016, Journal of Industrial Economics, vol. 64, No. 2.

Better Luck Next Time: Learning Through Retaking (NBER working paper version)

Veronica Frisancho, Kala Krishna, Sergey Lychagin, and Cemile Yavas, 2016, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, vol. 125.

Back on the Rails: Competition and Productivity in State-owned Industry (The VoxEU article)

Sanghamitra Das, Kala Krishna, Sergey Lychagin, and Rohini Somanathan, 2013, AEJ Applied, vol. 5, No. 1.