Inefficient Investment Waves (with Zhiguo He)
forthcoming in Econometrica
August 2015 Abstract Online Appendix Additional Material
See also as the earler version NBER w18217

Do Hedge Funds Reduce Idiosyncratic Risk? (with Ronnie Sadka and Namho Kang)
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 49(4), August 2014, 843-877
earlier version under a different title is CEPR DP 8307 Abstract

The delegated Lucas tree (with Ron Kaniel)
Review of Financial Studies, 26 (4),April 2013, 929-984
(an earlier version is CEPR DP8578) Abstract Appendix D

The more we know about the fundamental, the less we agree on the price
Review of Economic Studies, 79(3), July 2012, 1175-1207 Abstract, Web Appendix B, Web Appendix C
(an earlier version under stlightly different title is CEPR DP8455)

Fund Managers, Career Concerns, and Asset Price Volatility (with Veronica Guerrieri)
American Economic Review, 102(5), August 2012, 1986-2017. Abstract, Web Appendix
(see also an earlier version as NBER w14898)

Risk in Dynamic Arbitrage: Price Effects of Convergence Trading
Journal of Finance, 64(2), April 2009, 638-658 Abstract
Winner of the Smith BreedenFirst Prize for the Best Paper in asset pricing on the Journal ofFinance in 2009.

Papers in the revision process

Trading and Information Diffusion in Over-the-Counter markets (with Ana Babus)
Revise and Resubmit at Econometrica
November 2013 MATLAB code

Liquidity Risk and the Dynamics of Arbitrage Capital
February 2014 (with Dimitri Vayanos), earlier version is NBER w19931

Cursed Financial Innovation
August 2015 (with Botond Koszegi)

Work in Progress

Inattention in Crowded Markets
June 2015 (with Adam Zawadowski)

Projects on temporary hold

The More We Know, the Less We Agree: Uncertainty, Confusion and Speculative Attacks
September 2009 Abstract

Social learning with subjective communication and self-selection
(with Gergely Ujhelyi) Abstract

Rational Trader Risk
Financial Market Group Discussion Paper 533 Abstract

Procyclicality, collateral values and financial stability
(with Prasanna Gai and Nicholas Vause) Bank of England Working Paper No 304 Abstract

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