Andrzej Baniak

Associate Professor of Economics

Central European University, Department of Economics


I am interested in Law and Economics, Institutional Economics, Industrial Organization.  To access my papers on the Social Science Research Network (SSRN), click here.


When Do Times of Increasing Uncertainty Call for Centralized Harmonization in International Policy Coordination? (with Peter Grajzl),

Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, 2014, 50(4), 128-144.  Online Appendix

Producer Liability and Competition Policy when Firms are Bound by a Common Industry Reputation (with Peter Grajzl and Joseph Guse),

The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, 2014, 14(4), 1645-1676.

Equilibrium and Welfare in a Model of Torts with Industry Reputation Effects (with Peter Grajzl), Review of Law and Economics, 2013, 9(2), 265-302.

Innovation Analysis and Game Theory: a Review (with Igor Dubina),
Innovation: Management, Policy and Practice,  
2012, 14(2), 178-191

Mandating Behavioral Conformity in Social Groups with Conformist Members (with Peter Grajzl),
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2012, 82 (2-3),  479– 493

Interjurisdictional Linkages and the Scope for Interventionist Legal Harmonization (with Peter Grajzl),
Review of Law and Economics,
2011, 7(2),  405-434 

Industry Self-Regulation, Subversion of Public Institutions, and Social Control of Torts (with Peter Grajzl),
International Review of Law and Economics, 2009, 29(4), 360-374.

On Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Transition Economies (with Jacek Cukrowski and Jan Herczyński),
Problems of Economic Transition, 2005, 48(2), 6-28

The volatility of prices in the English and Welsh electricity pool (with Terry Robinson)
Applied Economics
, 2002, 34(12), 1487-1495.

A Note on Comparative Statics for a Labor-Managed Firm Engaged in Exporting ,
Journal of Comparative Economics, 2000,  28(3), 619-625.

Organizational Restructuring in Response to Changes in Information-processing Technology (with Jacek Cukrowski),
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La Pleiade and Exchange Rate Pass-Through (with Louis Phlips),
International Journal of Industrial Organization, 1995, 13(2), 195-213.


"Kartele - przegląd analizy ekonomicznej" (Cartels - a review of economic analysis)
in: Janusz Łyko (ed.): Wybrane modele matematyczne w ekonomii: Globalizacja i rozwój
Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego we Wrocławiu. Wrocław, 2011, p. 9-38

„O statyce porównawczej dla oligopolu”(On Comparative Statics for Oligopoly) (book) 
Wydawnictwo AE we Wrocławiu.
Seria: Monografie i opracowania nr 133, 1999, ISBN 83-7011-400-6.


Controlling Product Risks when Consumers are Heterogeneously Overconfident: Producer Liability vs. Minimum Quality Standard Regulation (with Peter Grajzl). Working Paper, September 2014

“The impact of structural changes in the energy sector of CEE countries on the creation of sustainable energy path : special focus on investment in environmentally friendly energy and impact of such a sustainable energy path on employment and access conditions for low income consumers : final report”. (with D. Ürge-Vorsatz, L. Mez, G. Miladinova, A. Antypas, and M. Bursik). Book, CEU, 2003.

Social Evolution and Aspiration Learning in Asymmetric Duopoly, (with Jacek Cukrowski and Stepan Cabelka), 
Central European University Department of Economics Working Paper 6/2001. 1-24, 2001

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