Adam Szeidl


Department of Economics and Business

Central European University
Budapest, Hungary



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Fax: +361 327 3232

Curriculum Vitae 


Advanced micro: Game theory and applications Fall 2018

Economic and Social Networks Fall 2018


Forthcoming or Published Papers

Learning to Import from Your Peers (with Márta Bisztray and Miklós Koren), Journal of International Economics 115, 242-258, 2018. Online appendix

Interfirm Relationships and Business Performance (with Jing Cai), Quarterly Journal of Economics 133(3), 1229-1282, 2018. Online appendix

The Effect of Housing on Portfolio Choice (with Raj Chetty and Laszlo Sandor), Journal of Finance 72(3): 1171-1212, 2017.

Consumption Commitments and Habit Formation (with Raj Chetty), Econometrica, 84(2): 855-890, 2016. Supplementary appendix; Replication material.

Imported Inputs and Productivity (with Laszlo Halpern and Miklos Koren), American Economic Review, 105(12), 3660-3703, 2015.

Consumption Risk-sharing in Social Networks (with Attila Ambrus and Markus Mobius), American Economic Review, 104(1): 149-182, 2014. Supplementary appendix

A Model of Focusing in Economic Choice (with Botond Koszegi), Quarterly Journal of Economics, 128(1): 53-107, 2013. Earlier version

Trust and Social Collateral (with Dean Karlan, Markus Mobius and Tanya Rosenblat), Quarterly Journal of Economics, 124(3): 1307-1361, 2009.

Core and Periphery in Networks (with Daniel Hojman), Journal of Economic Theory, 139(1): 295-309, 2008.

Consumption Commitments and Risk Preferences (with Raj Chetty), Quarterly Journal of Economics 122(2): 831-877, 2007.

Community Size and Network Closure (with Hunt Allcott, Dean Karlan, Markus Mobius and Tanya Rosenblat), American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings 97(2): 80-85, 2007.

Existence of Equilibrium in Large Double Auctions (with Drew Fudenberg and Markus Mobius), Journal of Economic Theory 133(1): 550-567, 2007.

Optimal Integration Strategies for the Multinational Firm (with Gene Grossman and Elhanan Helpman), Journal of International Economics 70: 216-238, 2006.

Endogenous Networks, Social Games and Evolution (with Daniel Hojman), Games and Economic Behavior 55(1): 112-130, 2006.

Complementarities between Outsourcing and Foreign Sourcing (with Gene Grossman and Elhanan Helpman), American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings 95(2): 19-24, 2005.

Local Interaction, Contagion and State-Dependent Mutation (with In-Ho Lee and Akos Valentinyi) Berkeley Electronic Journals, Advances in Theoretical Economics (2002) Vol. 3: No.1, Article 2.


Working Papers

Media Capture through Favor Exchange (with Ferenc Szucs), August 2017.

Treasure Hunt: Social Learning in the Field
(with Markus Mobius and Tuan Phan), March 2015.

Measuring Trust in Peruvian Shantytowns (with Dean Karlan, Markus Mobius and Tanya Rosenblat), July 2015. Slides

Fishing for Fools (with Ulrike Malmendier), June 2008.

Stable Invariant Distribution in Buffer-Stock Savings and Stochastic Growth Models, April 2013. Draft from January 2008


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