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MS Word 97
MS Word for Academic Writing

The course covers intermediate aspects of text and document formatting for the students’ academic papers. Topics covered include (see also the schedule for this course below):

* Essential formatting questions regarding ETD (electronic thesis submission) requirements
* Layout, margins, paragraph indents, AutoCorrect, printing settings, possible printing problems
* Footnotes, references in footnotes, continuing footnotes on next page, numbering pages and headings
* Working with master document and subdocuments, creating headings, and automatic table of contents

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CEU E-Learning Course on MS Word for Academic Writing

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Course details

Level: Intermediate
Duration: 3 days
Requirements for pass: minimum attendance - 2 days
When the course is offered: see the list of courses for the current semester and/or in SITS

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Course outline

Day 1: The basics

  • Page layout and display (margins, setup, paper size).
  • Basic formatting principles (font, font style, paragraph spacing, etc.); format painter
  • Paragraph management: indentation (normal, first line, hanging indent), spacing, alignment, line and page breaks (widow & orphan control)
  • Use of tabs: structuring of data and tex
  • Dealing with lists: bulleted and numbered (simple vs. outlined)
  • Change bullet indents
  • Use of tables: convert text into table, sort, split, merge. The “spill” option and use of table headings on multiple pages

Day 2: More advanced features

  • Dealing with graphics. Insert pictures. 
  • Use of Excel charts in Word. 
  • Managing and formatting charts
  • Styles and style galleries (create, edit and customize you own formatting style)
  • Use the CEU template Styles

Day 3: Word for your thesis

  • Breaks: page, column and section
  • Insert menu: footnotes and endnotes (move, copy - CTR&drag, change/remove note separators (view menu-footnotes), cross-referencing; page numbers and controlling pagination
  • Headers and footers
  • Bookmarks and hyperlinks
  • Create and manage indexes (key-words and phrases) as well as table of contents for your thesis

Useful online resources:

Information on ETD -
Basic use of MS Word site -
Extensive Word guide (includes FAQ, tutorial, suggestions) -
Troubleshooting in Word -
Extensive MS Word FAQ site -

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