Computer and Statistics Center



The CSC offices (open weekdays between 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.) are located in the Nádor 11. building, 6th floor, room 606, 607. Please note that the members of our staff have their own office hours.

Lászlo Csirmaz - Head of Department
General questions about the structure and functions of the Center.
Cryptography, Mathematical Logic, Set Theory, Meaning of Life.
N11, Room 606

András Vetier - Visiting Professor
Statistics and Maths
N11, Room 606

Erika Máthé - Coordinator
Every practical detail, date and time of courses, sign-ups, thesis formatting, electronic thesis submission, ETD admistration, etc.
N11, Room 607

Gábor Ács - E-learning and Web-based Academic Communications Support Specialist
E-learning (Moodle) and TurnitIn Support and Training
N11, Room 606

Anikó Balogh - Teaching Instructor
MS Office, Web Page Creation, EndNote.
N11, Room 607

Eszter Deli - Teaching Instructor on maternity leave
MS Office, Web Page Creation, EndNote, Graphic Design.
N11, Room 607


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