Computer and Statistics Center


Laszlo Csirmazlaszlo csirmaz

Mathematician, CEU Computer and Statistics Center

CEU Október 6. u. 12.

Office: 302

Phone: 3013

Main fields of interest: cryptopgraphy, mathematical logic, set theory, combinatorics

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TeX Typesetting Language
Linux for Beginners
Introduction to Cryptography
Information Society
Formal Logic
Introduction to SPSS

Other interests

This great icosi-dodecahedron had been on exhibit in CEU. I made it from green cardboard paper. It has a specially designed interior.

Zonish Icosidodecahedron This model also was there; it was inspired by the fork component of George Hart's No picnic sculpture.
stellar dodecahedron This nice body consists of 30 identical planar forms cut out of cardboard paper. The underlying design is a regular dodecahedron.

Please visit my page at the Renyi Institute.

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