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Optional courses

The Center offers free non-grade courses all year round. Upon succesful completion of the courses' requirements, the students receive a certificate issued by the CSC. Signing up for courses via the University Information System (InfoSys) will add the course status (Pass/Fail) to the student's final transcript of records.

Registration: The members of the CEU community can register for our courses via the UIS (this link is accessible only from within the CEU network). Please note that the places for each course are limited. If you would like to join a course and the registration period on the UIS has ended, be advised that the free places (if any) will be advertised through sign-up sheets before the course starts.

Spring Term courses

MS Power Point (April 10, 11, 12: 16.30-17.30)
Learn to create and manage efficient presentations, including organization charts and dynamic elements.

Introduction to Prezi (April 24, 26, 28: 16.30-17.30)
Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software. The product employs a zooming user interface (ZUI), which allows users to zoom in and out of their presentation media, and allows users to display and navigate through information.

SPSS (May 8-18, each Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 16.30-18.00)
Handle statistical data on your own by getting familiar with the most frequent applications of SPSS.

MS Excel for Absolute Beginners (May 8, 10, 12: 16.30-17.30)
Introduction to Excel for the beginner user covering some intermediary topics as well, such as: working with tables, creating charts, use of functions and formulae.

Webpage Creation for Beginners (May 22, 24, 25, 26: 16.30-17.30)
Make your own webpage in a few easy steps. You will create your own webpage choosing from hundreds of design templates using the web editor WiX.

o365Webpage Creation Intermediate(May 29, 31, June 2: 16.30-17.30)
Learn HTML coding, create and upload your own webpage to

All courses

Below please find a list of all courses at the CSC.

Pre-session courses

CEU Computer Orientation.
Pre-session TeX course for mathematics students.

HTML / Web & Graphic Design courses

WebPage Creation 1 WIX (Web1 - beginner)
WebPage Creation 2 (Web 2 - intermediate)

MS Office

MS Excel for Beginners
MS Excel Advanced
MS Excel - Statistical Methods
MS PowerPoint - Guides for Good Presentations
MS Word for Academic Writing
MS Access 2007
MS Office 365

Bibliography & reference organizer

EndNote - Bibliographies Fast and Easy (References management)


Statistics Primer
Introduction to Statistics with Excel
Introduction to SPSS
Statistical Methods and Calculations with Excel


ETD - Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Info Session

Linux for Beginners
TeX (Typesetting Language)
Introduction to Cryptography
Information Society
Formal Logic

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