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General Computer Usage at CEU:

This pre-session mandatory briefing aims to familiarize the student with the use of the CEU computer network and the use and customization of the default e-mail application at CEU - Microsoft Office 365 (o365) Outlook.

Course outline

  • Computer usage in CEU:
    • Computer labs, office hours
    • How to ask for help: the IT helpdesk
    • Lost and Found Box
    • Netiquette
  • Passwords:
    • You have several passwords, initially all set to your CEU ID card number:
      • when you want to use a computer: Microsoft password
      • when you access your CEU e-mail account: Microsoft password
      • when register for courses, check grades via UIS: UIS password
    • To change your Microsoft Outlook password: you can do it online on this link:
    • Passwords are case-sensitive! (For example, "Wednesday" is not the same as "WEDNESDAY" or "wednesday")
  • Printing / copying / scanning:
    • Printing:
      • students can only use printers with their ID card
      • printing starts only when the student personally initiates the printing job at any of the printers
      • at the printer students can choose the job to be processed, and can cancel any of their jobs
      • printing jobs submitted from the Dormitory can be printed in the Main Campus, and vice versa.
    • Scanning / Copying:
      • students can initiate copying and scanning at any printer
      • scanned documents are e-mailed internally. Maximal transferable size for an e-mail is set to 40M. If need bigger documents, please contact the Student IT helpdesk.
    • Quota:
      • you can check your quota at any printer: touch your ID card to the card reader on the printer, wait until authenticated, then at the bottom line you will see your quota
      • if the quota is insufficient, printing is refused
      • students can purchase extra quota at the Cachier's desk (Nador 15, 1st floor)
    • Further information on printing on the IT Department site.
  • How to start an application:
    • From the Desktop; using Start > Programs > Application;
    • OR from ZENworks Window (NAL - Novell Application Launcher)
    Opening an attachement (word, pdf, video or soundfile) not always works. If you experience trouble, save the attachement on the local machine, start the appropriate application, and use File -> Open to open it.
  • Sending or reading an email:
  • Further information on Office365 services on the IT Department site.
  • To post messages to the whole CEU Community, please use Office 365’s Yammer instead, which is available through

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